Frequently Asked Questions:

A. You can pick one of the pre-made logo templates to customize with your business' name for free with your website.

A. You can easily add it later yourself for the editable content and online shop websites.

If you want it added for you, it needs to be sent before publishing your website.

A. Yes, please get in touch for a quote.

A. You can have your website anywhere, you only need to link to it.

A. You need an online shop website to accept payments or you can choose another website type and combine it with a booking system with payment option.

A. After the first year, you can move your website if you choose to.

A. Then you will need my custom website design services

A. You will redirected to a page where you can upload it ( or choose a logo template) after checkout

A. Up to five days after you've sent your files and information.

A. One time fee for static websites. Initial payment + monthly retainer for online shops and editable content websites.

You can choose to pay all upfront for those on checkout if you want to.

A. You won't get a refund. Please navigate the website demos before you decide on your website.

If the demo for the website you like is not available yet, please request it before you purchase it.

A. No, it's free for 1 year with SSL (security) certificate.

After one year, if you renew you still get your domain for free.

A. Your design files in .sketch or .PSD formats.

A. Because this a custom website development service based on your unique design. You must contact me about your project's details before you hire me. Deadline for delivery can vary based on your website's complexity.

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