Part-time Remote Web Design, Development, Updates and Maintenance Services For Hire

Taking care of your business' website design, development and maintenance needs as remote in-house developer + webmaster.

  • ∙ Website analytics

  • ∙ Indexing to search engines

  • ∙ On-page SEO optimization

  • ∙ Social Media Integration

  • ∙ Domain register and set up

  • ∙ User Experience

  • ∙ Email newsletters

  • ∙ Graphic softwares, Image treatment, banners + ads

  • ∙ PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript development

  • ∙ SQL Databases

  •   and +

Alessandra Burroughs, web designer and developer

Alessandra Burroughs, web designer and developer


This is a good fit for you if...

  • ∙ Your company doesn't have an in-house developer

  • ∙ You could use some help to take care of your website updates but not enough work volume to justify a full-time hire

  • ∙ You can communicate in English

  • ∙ Your company is based in Europe, UK, US, Canada or Australia

If you ticked all the itens above then I'm your guy ( or gal )

My rate: 400$ Per Day

2 days( or 16 hours ) per month is suitable for most small business needs.

If your company would benefit from a combination of web design, development and webmaster skills, get in touch!

My Skills and Background

With over 10 years of experience in Web Design, Development and Project Management helping business owners and entrepreneurs promote their company's brand, achieve goals and reach their customers or audience online,

I translate those skills into being the (remote) in-house person for website maintenance, updates, optimization and webmaster tasks in general.

About olipoly

When I am not taking care of your business web presence, I'm building responsive e-commerce stores and business websites for and olipoly studio clients.

With the experience of working for a wide range of clients and a passion for everything that makes a website work efficiently, creating interfaces that are easy to use and delight my client's customers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

A. That's the profile of companies that can benefit from hiring a part-time web designer/developer/webmaster. If the company has a full-time developer, it makes more sense for them hiring someone that will only do design, or another full-time dev when they need a development team.

A. Usually for 1 year, with yearly renewal. 6 months is the minimum period for hire.

A. To qualify for this service offerings, at least 50% of tasks to be done must be development and/or webmaster tasks. This service solves the need of small to medium companies that need those professionals for ongoing tasks, but don't have enough workload for full-time hires.

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