Data-backed website tips to boost your online shop's sales

2018-04-29, by: Alessandra Burroughs

More then ever before, a responsive website or online shop plays an important role on attracting more online shoppers and getting them to buy.

Online businesses have a great opportunity to launch successful sales campaign to promote their brand and increase their sales.

However, some common pitfalls can make customers give up of buying on your website.

To avoid those conversion killers and increase your sales, here are a few quick data-backed tips to to attract new costumers, create a better shopping experience and close more sales on your online shop.


Payment options

Online shoppers prefer to pay using their credit cards, but 83% of the top 100 retail websites only offer PayPal as a payment option.

Only 17% of sites accept Visa Checkout, and 12% offer Masterpass option.

According to an artice published by Forbes Magazine, 16% of online shoppers have abandoned a retailer's shopping cart due to lack of payment alternatives and 26% of consumers reported that not finding the payment option they were looking for is their main reason for frustration with online shopping.

When purchasing high priced items, such as electronics and furniture, 15% of consumers give up due to lack of financing options.


Speedy checkout

Facilitate checkout and make it as easy and fast as possible, with speedy checkout options.

Implement express checkout on your website with only the minimal data required and send them a post purchase email inviting them to complete their account information later.

Payment methods like PayPal, also allow you to offer speed checkout option, allowing the purchase to be completed with only a few clicks.


Make your website responsive

Make sure your website is designed and developed for mobile-first .

Mobile checkout experiences are growing in customers preference.

In B2B industries, the percentage of buyers that prefer mobile is already 61%.


Optmize website speed

When customers are searching for products or completing a purchase, website performance can significantly impact e-commerce sales, according to data from an Online Retail Performance report.

Improving your website speed for no delays in page loads and reducing downtime increase your webshop's conversions.

Those changes can be implemented easily and have considerable positive impact on your profits.

Have you tried any of these tatics? Which results have they achieved for your business?

Alessandra Burroughs, web designer and developer

With over 10 years of experience in Web Design, Development and Project Management, work featured on .NET magazine and an Apple Creativity Prize in WebDesign, Alessandra helps business owners and entrepreneurs promote their company's brand, achieve goals and reach their customers or audience online, being the go-to person for website maintenance, updates, optimization and webmaster tasks in general.

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