Online strategies that'll help you succeed in New Year's resolutions for your business

2019-01-02, by: Alessandra Burroughs

( Original post published by olipoly studio on 2018/01/01. )

The first week of the year is time for reflection on what needs improvement in all areas of your life and writing a resolutions' list for actions you want to start doing and setting some goals. As a business owner and entrepreneur the list will usually include items such as expanding your business, better profit margins, targeting a new marketing, increasing customer base, more sales, better clients, increasing retention or average order value or promoting brand awareness. We can help you with the New Year's resolutions for your business success part and we hope this to have a positive impact on achieving your personal resolutions as well.

We listed the 3 key online strategies that are guaranteed to help your business succeed in the upcoming year.


Key strategies to help you tick those New Year's resolutions for your business success in 2018


Going Mobile Responsive

Responsive web design is one step forward than mobile-friendly as more and more people make purchases and consume information via smartphones.

While having a mobile version of your website is better than not having any, think of mobile-responsive as the next generation of websites built with smartphones and tablets in mind.

The advantages are many. Your website is designed and developed starting from the smallest screen and scaling and adapting to bigger ones. If done by a web designer expert with with good knowledge of User Experience and Informational Architecture that leads to better display of information, prioritizing what's more important and relevant.

Maintaining one website instead of 2 or 3 versions will make you thank everyday that you chose a Responsive website.

Consistency across different devices is another big plus because the same user may access your website on mobile, tablet or desktop on different hours of the day and a different mobile site can be a frustrating experience.

One extra advantage of responsive sites is the positive impact it will have on your search ranks, mobile compliance is one important factor taken into account by search engines and now you will also easily have all search query volume under the same umbrella, no matter what device the access came from.


A website Redesign

Think of your website as your sales team champion. Your best employee, that is up 24/7 selling your services and products and doubling as a PR promoting your brand and greeting your customers always with a smile.

Now you would want your sales people and public relations present their best image possible when on duty representing your company. Then if your website layout is outdated or sub-par and/or its architecture is inefficient or confusing then by all means you should consider a redesign.


Plan regular content updates

If you can afford producing content updates and website maintenance regularly then a editable website is the right fit for you and your business.

It helps keeping your company fresh in the mind of your customers, increasing brand awareness and giving your audience and fans something to talk about you. Your social media channels will benefit from juicier richer original content to distribute and your sales funnels and SEO have also much to gain from it.


With those 3 you can slay those goals in 2018 and have an amazing success story to tell be the end of the year.


Share it with your friends and help them succeed on their business resolutions too so you can celebrate together next New Year's Eve.

Alessandra Burroughs, web designer and developer

With over 10 years of experience in Web Design, Development and Project Management, work featured on .NET magazine and an Apple Creativity Prize in WebDesign, Alessandra helps business owners and entrepreneurs promote their company's brand, achieve goals and reach their customers or audience online, being the go-to person for website maintenance, updates, optimization and webmaster tasks in general.

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