How to increase your business' post-Christmas sales

2018-12-27, by: Karen Stark

Businesses expect a drop in sales after the Holidays spending, both in-store and online.

While consumers' wallet is recovering from Christmas and Thanksgiving spend on gifts, food and other Holiday expenses, they're often coping with the "blues" of Post Holiday Syndrome. For businesses owners, this combination translates as most consumers not being in the best mood for buying.

Not only finding it difficult to come back to daily rythm and activities, the average customer is usually also regreting their over-indulgence in hyper caloric Christmas food and their unplanned over-spending in Holidays purchases, added by the awareness that they will soon need to spend more money for Reveillon celebration ahead.

With a few useful tips, you can minimize the impact of Holidays on your business sales. Moreover, this season can even represent an opportunity for some specific industries, if marketed right.

So how can you prevent the slow-down in sales of those days and keep your profit from droping along with the cheerful spirit of Holidays celebrations?

As gift cards rise in popularity each year, retailers adjust inventory planning and generally get a boost immediately following Christmas as shoppers redeem those gift cards.

Sales of prerecorded media such as video games, movies and music (and their digitally downloaded versions) pop right after Christmas as shoppers look for content to play on their new devices.

So in some cases, the most dramatic discounts particularly in apparel and electronics won't hit until the middle of January but the overall lackluster holiday season will see some pretty incredible discounts.



Offering some form of discount during those days help you get past the guilty some people may be experiencing Holiday spending. If you direct their focus for the money they'll be saving, then you'll speak to their money-saving resolution and have better chances of closing the sale.

Moreover, there's also another kind of consumer that is alreary planning to spend after Holidays, waiting for lower prices.

Clearance sales for apparel start from soon after Holidays until January, as retailers need to clear inventory of winter wear.

To sum up, discounts after Christmas and/or Thanksgiving are a must, because they appeal to both planned and unplanned spenders.


Post-Holiday Coupons

A smart trick to boost sales after Holidays is to include coupons with their purchases to be used only use after Christmas or the New Year.

If you didn't start a coupon promotion before Holidays, you can send out a special post-buy coupon or discount code to their email, remebering to link it to their purchase, so they'll know they qualified for it with their previous purchase and are being rewarded for it.


Follow Up

Following up with shoppers who bought from you during the holidays is a simple yet effective way to keep customers coming back to your website.

You can take this opportunity to offer discounts on related or favorite items, new arrivals and, if you have a cookies policy in place, also other items that they viewed, but ended up not purchasing.

Send out an email asking about their experience and then include any or promotions as well.


Don't take down Holiday Campaigns yet

When you substitute your main page offer and banners with new promotions, but don`t totally remove your Holiday campaigns from landing pages and sidebars. Late shoppers will still be looking for Holiday gifts, so you can keep your Holiday promotions until January 6, when people use to remove the Christmas ornaments and trees and last call for Holidays gift exchange.


Keep the mood up

Mind that consumers may be experience a drop with the Post-Christams blues, so uplifting content that make people feel good help your chances of keeping sales high. Fun constests can keep your audience engaged during a time when most of them will be struggling to come back to routine, thus looking for fun activities to kill time every now and then.

Humour must be used carefully, as it must resonate with your target audience demographics.


Gift cards

This is also a time where you will have the chance to welcome new visitors to your store that como to redeem gift cards.


Focus on New Year

Segments such as apparel, food, decor, travel agencies and events will want start New Year celebrations campaigns right after Christmas.

This is also a time of reflection, when people start to review their achievements and rethink their lives. By this time of the year, businesses have an opportunity of to market their product or services focusing on New Year`s resolutions.

Health, fitness, life and business coachs can and should start a campaign based on resolutions to increase their sales.

Those industries services and products can easily relate to the most common New Year`s resolutions, but not limited to. Other business with a good underatnding of their audience`s motivations can start a sales campaign based on upcoming year goals.


New Product or Service Launch

I`ve seen some recommend recommend this is also time for launching new products or services. My experience says that`s already too much distractions going on between Christmas and New Year and the risk is your launch gets ignored.

If you`re already planning a new launch, I suggest that you schedule it for January instead and take those days to create expectation around your launch by annoucing it with a campaign that creates buzz or suspense about it.


To sum up, a drop in sales may occur after Christmas purchases, but it doesnt need to be so. With the right approach you can even have a pleasant surprise on your profit rates.

Have you applied any those before? What results did you get?

Alessandra Burroughs, web designer and developer

With over 10 years of experience in Web Design, Development and Project Management, work featured on .NET magazine and an Apple Creativity Prize in WebDesign, Alessandra helps business owners and entrepreneurs promote their company's brand, achieve goals and reach their customers or audience online, being the go-to person for website maintenance, updates, optimization and webmaster tasks in general.

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