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Your own online shop

Sell your physical or digital products, accept payments and manage orders

Your own online shop
Reach more customers

Reach more customers

reach new audiences for your brick and mortar, retain existing customers and offer more convenience  to your clients.

What you will need to prepare

  •   Your website text and your contact info [website text template]

  •   Specific images you want to display on your website (ie.: your profile photo, a product photo, etc)

  •   Your logo

    Minimum size: 100 x 200px , preferably a .png file with transparent background or .ai ( Illustrator) vector file

    What if you don't have a logo?

    You can use one logo template and we'll customize it with your company name, free with your website purchase.

    While we recommend that you invest in a unique logo design, we understand that sometimes business don't have the resources when starting out.

    We don't want to let it hold you back from launching your business' website, so you can choose from one of these logo templates.

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Starting from $780,00 + 11x $88,90/month ( ongoing maintenance ) - Great value!

What is included

  •   shop setup

  •   1 year ongoing maintenance (software update + malware scanning + security monitoring)

  •   1 year hosting

  •   free 1 year domain + SSL certificate

  •   free logo template for starters

  •   step-by-step guide for managing your shop's product inventory

  • * 1 language setup
  • * Up to __ items
  • * Please read full Terms & Conditions before you purchase.

Website samples

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