The simple and most cost-effective way to drive sales through your existing channels

The most basic website helps you have a consistent online presence

that creates brand awareness and improve your professional reputation.

build a consistent online presence
Your website is your business card

Have an online presence

You need a place online where your clients can find your contact details and relevant information about your business.

It doesn't matter if you're a small business owner or a selling your professional services.

A simple website works as your business card.

There's too much distraction on social media and having your own website transmits a professional impression to your audience.

Launch your next big idea

A simple website promotes information about your product and send your customers to your distribution channels.

It's the easiest and cost-effective way to sell your games or new app.

Launch your next big idea

What you will need to prepare

  •   Your website text and your contact info [website text template]

  •   Specific images you want to display on your website (ie.: your profile photo, a product photo, etc)

  •   Your logo

    Minimum size: 100 x 200px , preferably a .png file with transparent background or .ai ( Illustrator) vector file

    What if you don't have a logo?

    You can use one logo template and we'll customize it with your company name, free with your website purchase.

    While we recommend that you invest in a unique logo design, we understand that sometimes business don't have the resources when starting out.

    We don't want to let it hold you back from launching your business' website, so you can choose from one of these logo templates.

product landing page
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Starting from $580,00. - Great value!

What is included:

  •   website setup

  •   1 year free hosting ( no ads! )

  •   free 1 year domain + SSL certificate

  •   free logo template for starters

  • * 1 language setup
  • * Please read full Terms & Conditions before completing your purchase.

Website samples

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