Reliable website development that values your design

Your professional looking website with the same quality of your design mock ups

You put so much attention to your design and you want the finished piece built with the same care, which enhances your website creations.

professional looking website with the same quality of your design mock ups
for web designers who don't code that create their website mock ups in Photoshop or Sketch

Who can benefit from my professional web development services

Web designers who don't code that create their website mock ups in Photoshop or Sketch looking for a reliable developer.

Adherence to best practices

Your website developed according with best practices recommendations.

best practices website development

Custom website development for web and graphic designers

Your website built by a developer that understands design and knows the importance of visual consistency, rythmn, proper spacing, typography, contrast and correct color values.

I have designed and developed responsive websites for my clients.

Eventually, I focused more and more on development and I'm now offering my development services to other web designers.

I love good design and will treat your designs right.

Webmaster tasks taken care for you

Installing your website, setting up the hosting server, pointing of domain to servers, indexing the website, etc.

Have all these tech details taken care for you.

Webmaster tasks taken care for you
Malware scanning, security monitory, backups, updates and ongoing support

Ongoing maintenance

It doesn't end with delivery.

Your clients will need ongoing maintenance and they don't want the trouble of having to go search elsewhere for it.

You score bonus points with them when you bring them convenience.

Malware scanning, security monitory, backups, updates and ongoing support.

Offer custom maintenance packs including your own design services.

Investment: starting from $800,00*

* Save +$1000 with this special launch discount price!

# quote my project

Starting price for a basic website based on your custom design. Get in contact for discussing your website details and getting a quote for your project.

get a quote for your website development project
Alessandra Burroughs, web designer and developer

Alessandra Burroughs, web designer and developer


With over ten years of professional web design experience,

I have designed and developed the front and back-end of dynamic websites for 5+ years.

Along my career, I've worked together with many graphic designers.

Let's bring your ideas to life,

Alessandra Burroughs


"Alessandra is super organized and reliable... she was up to date with all the milestones and was very responsive."

Revi Carmel, LuvArt


Frequently Asked Questions:

A. Web designers who don't code and want to provide a finished website solution for their clients.

A. You can add it later via admin panel for CMS websites. For static websites, a dummy text must be provided and substituted later once you have the final text version, as a previously agreeded upon project phase.

Have in mind that differences in word count can have a significant impact on your design and "break" your website's layout appearance. So if you're designing without the final text, this is something your project must take in consideration.

A. Get in touch so we can talk about your project details and requirements to see if it qualifies. Then I'll ask to view your mock ups so I can quote it accurately.

A. No. The complexity of your project front-end coding depends on your design. I can only give an accurate quote after seeing your screenshots.

A. Sketch and .PSD

A. You will get a project timeframe with deadline along with the project quote.

It usually takes from 3 to 4 weeks, but it can be longer depending on your project complexity. It's also subject to my booking schedule, since I can only take a limited number of custom development projects per month.

A. This service is for designers and only includes development.

If you need design creation you must quote a custom website project with olipoly studio . Or choose one of our pre-built layouts.

A. There's no cancelation once you hire me for developing your client's website.

You will be the person responsible for the project with me, not your client.

A. No. Make sure your client approved the layout before you submit the mock ups.

Any layout change during the project development will be subject to the payment of additional fees and can be rejected depending on how it will impact the whole project result and deadlines.

It appears on the footer, with a link to your website, if you have it, as design author, along with development credit, like this:

Design by Your Name | Code by

I prioritize working with real design studios and freelancer designers that have a transparent relationship with their clients and really do design work, not outsourcing agencies.

No. I only do custom web development for professional self-hosted websites.

Most platforms have limited resources to justify investing in custom development. However, I do develop dynamic websites that allow easy inclusion and editing of content and, eventually, self-hosted blogs with business purposes.

Questions about getting started? Drop us a line!

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