Year Review and Goal Setting for Small Business Owners and Freelance Professionals

2019-01-01, by: Karen Stark

The beggining of a New Year is a new opportunity of evaluating your career or small business, having a look at what you achieved in the past year, what did and din`t work and identifying areas that could be improved.

Even if you`re doing fine and being able to make a satisfatory income from your practice, chances are that you may be missing growth opportunities if you`re not setting some achievable goals and planning for the future of your business.

As the saying goes "if you're failing to plan, you're planning to fail". Depending on kind of business and company size, you don't need a detailed or rigid business plan. Circumstances changes can and do happen often, and eventually you'll need to adjust your original plan and adapt to them, but setting a few guidelines and realistic goals will only help you succeed.

For olipoly, 2018 was an year of innovation with the launch of 3 new service offerings to supply our customers's real needs and pain points. The creation of those services were based in a combination of market research and interviews with our clients and prospects in response to market demand.

So how do you set the basis of a successful 2019?

Here`s a worksheet for reviewing your business` activities and achievements of the past year as well as projecting goals and defning what actions to take in the course 2019 to increase your company's or business profits.

2018 year in review

1. What were my professional intentions and goals for 2018?

2. What did I accomplish this year with my company or professional practice? Make a list of all the things you did this year in your business or career.

___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________

3. What have I done to create more income this year?

4. What have I done to invest in professional education and qualification this year for me and/or my employees?

5. What frustrated me most about my goals and career this year?

6. What was the best thing that happened this year in my business or career?

7. What was my annual gross income for 2018?

8. Did my career or business grow? In what way?

9. Where do I receive support? Friends, family, colleagues, clients/customers, coaches, team members, programs...

10. How have I increased my business and/or career options?

11. Have I been followed through my plans to completion? If not, what got in the way?

12. Have I followed my companiy's vision and mission duriing the last year?

13. What am I going to do differently?

14. Do I have a client application system or sales funnel for customer acquision?

15. Is my business website up-to-date? Does it need any improvement?

16. How many clients have I interviewd with or how many customers were interested in buying my products during the last year?

17. What was my closing rate and what were the most sales objections and/or factors for hesitation?

18. How often did I meet the people at the companies I want to work with?

19. How did I make contact with the people/companies I want to work with?

20. How many referals did I get in the last year from former clients and colleagues?


2019 Plan

1. What is my biggest dream for my business or professional career?

2. What would I like to create this year?

3. What is my biggest business goal to accomplish by July 2019?

4. What boundaries must I to put in place in order to protect my energy and professional reputation?

5. What type of support would I like to receive in my career or entrepreneurial goals?

6. What is my business income goal for 2019?

7. Are there any obstacles in my way? What are they? What is my plan to remove them? And by what date?

8. What is/are my biggest strenght(s)?

9. What do I need help with? Who can help me?

10. What are my long term goals? (list)

11. List 3-5 approaches for each short term goal:

12. What can I do to be more accountable?

13. If I don't have all the tools and knowledge for my practice, where can I get it?

14. List any other ideas that you can implement in 2019 for your business:

15. Create a dream board for my company or career.

16. Gather some affirmations that help keep my motivation and recite them daily.

17. Initiate a journal to write down my business ideas and notes.

18. Make a list of business and personal development books to read this year.


Remember that setting realistic and well-planned goals are key to achieving them.

Share your New Year plans and success stories with us if you dare.

Happy 2019!

Alessandra Burroughs, web designer and developer

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